David Sandu signes five sculpture for City In Bloom project, by Avon CosmeticsDavid Sandu signes five sculpture for City In Bloom project, by Avon Cosmetics / by David Sandu

Avon Cosmetics and Starcom wanted a different launching campaign for the fragrance in Bloom. They planned a campaign that not only communicates beauty, style, liveliness, but also brings these attributes into the daily life, "blooming" the city of Bucharest.

Thus, David Sandu was invited to sign five works for the project.
"Avon wanted to bring back summer in Bucharest. To lighten the mornings with a hint of gardenia bloom and garden fragrances animated  by colours and sun. City In Bloom project is a part of our biggest launch in 2009 - perfume In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon. Together with David and Carmen Secareanu Sandu we tried to bring in the media landscape another promotional product: street art works to beautify the city,  reminding of the discreet, sensual and elegant fragrance of a perfume that can make you flourish in every season " says Raluca Kisescu, Senior Commercial Manager Marketing at Avon.

The sculptures can be admired at the Arc of Triumphe, Charles de Gaulle Square, Victoria Square and the Vitan and Plaza malls. The works of David Sandu are designed to bring an invigorating touch of colour and life in the city. He uses geometrical structures of aluminum (which symbolizes the city), humanized by coloured plexiglass flowers. Aluminum surfaces are "sweetened" with flowers, this way the objects become sensitive. "The citizens of Buchartest will discover the city blooming with silhouettes, a game between geometric and organic, that will definitely be noticed," explains David Sandu.