David Sandu receives the trophy for "Best Romanian Design" by Forbes Life by David Sandu

David Sandu receives the trophy for "BEST ROMANIAN DESIGN" at the FORBES LIFE GALA - THE GOOD LIFE AWARDS

Yesterday, June 24, 2015, Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest hosted the Gala "Forbes Life - The Good Life Awards", in which the major players in the Romanian lifestyle landscape were recognized and awarded trophies. Contemporary jewelry designer David Sandu received the trophy for "Best Romanian Design". The unique style in jewelry creation, craftsmanship and innovative artistic work are some of the things that recommended the David Sandu Jewelry brand for this award.

David Sandu's creations can be called jewelry, sculptures, works of art and philosophical concepts represented in tridimensional. Everything starts from the inner world of an artist for whom the ugliness of the world is but a pretext for an extraordinary beauty, the chef-editor Diana-Florina Cosmin wrote in a number of Forbes Life in 2014.

The year 2015 also marks two important milestone: five years from the first courses of the Contemporary Jewelry School and the foundation of Assamblage - The National Association for Contemporary Jewelry. These projects started by David Sandu are essential to the development of this field in Romania. "Several years ago, contemporary jewelry was a risk. I am grateful to those who bet on it, "said David Sandu on receiving the trophy.

"Heraldica" - New Cufflinks Collection by David Sandu

Thursday, May 4, 2015, took place the launching of the new collection of cufflinks -  "Heraldica", signed by designer David Sandu. In the context of a historical recovery in the space of  perception of male jewelry, cufflinks are reflected in the inventory of accessories of the contemporary man.

The new collection combines silver with exotic wood and semi-precious stones, with unique or limited series objects.

The launching of C14 Collection at Autor 13 by David Sandu

C14 for Autor 13
David Sandu in collaboration with Adina Marin, Irina Moise and Adelina Petcan

About common origins
About the things that we can see in the same way
About the first gods
And about the times in which "to build" did not mean "to destroy".

C14 is a collection - project initiated by David Sandu in which, twice a year, he invites two jewelry designers or authors to collaborate, imagine and build together a series of objects that resemble the beginnings of humanity. This world, which we usually rediscover through the artefacts and archaeological reconstructions, is re-evaluated each time by three artists with predilections and training in various techniques and materials.
C14 is a discursive exercise about three designers articulating ideas and sharing their creative and technical resources.

David Sandu – metal – silver 925 and bronze – plated with gold and patina
Adina Marin - wool felting
Irina Moise and Adelina Petcan – wax modelling

David Sandu signs The Aspen Leadership Awards Trophies 2014 by David Sandu

For the second year in a row, David Sandu signs the Aspen Leadership Awards Trophies. The 2014 edition of "Aspen Leaderships and Gala Dinner" will take place on the 3rd of December, celebrating the achievements of the organization in the past 8 years and offering a perspective on future leadership, policy and public programs. The event acknowledges specific efforts and personal commitment to values-based, creative and transformative leadership of people that have had a significant contribution to the overall advancement of Romanian society.


ACCENT - Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition at the National Museum of Maps and Old Books by David Sandu

Kartell Media & Events in partnership with the National Museum of Maps and Old Books and the Bucharest Prefecture, organized in 21-23 November 2014 the first edition of the exhibition entitled ACCENT- Contemporary Romanian Jewelry Exhibition.

The exhibition aims to support Romanian jewelry artists and to educate the public in relation to contemporary jewelry.
Chosen for its special ambiance, the National Museum of Maps and Old Books is in itself an architectural gem, with an elegant and sumptuous interior, ideal for exhibiting the exceptional pieces.

Contemporary jewelry today puts emphasis on relationship between traditions and the latest innovations, as well as on the quality of execution, the inspiration and the talent.

The event is attended by top creative names of contemporary jewelry with unique pieces such as David Sandu, Alis Lalu, Bianca Grin, Anca Pandrea Doru Dumitrescu, Ioana Enache, Alexandra Ungurelu, Adina Istrate, Madalina Stoica, Mihaela Ivana. Besides them, junior or graduates of the Art University will showcase innovative and beautiful collections with unique and interesting combination of materials.

* The poster and other visual materials contain images of a jewelry signed by David Sandu, as a special guest of the exhibition.

David Sandu holds a conference at Design la Rece #9 by David Sandu

DESIGN LA RECE No. 9 will have special guest David Sandu, designer and founder of Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry. Expect an interesting discussion about the use of traditional techniques in manufacturing, new methods in contemporary design and the cultural dialogue between "old" and "new". The conference "Design and manufacture techniques in contemporary design" will be held on November 5 at 7pm at  Dizainăr, as the 9th editon of the event.

What is the glue that gives coherence of speech when talking about the meeting between the new world and the roots of contemporary ideas or traditions? Why are we so concerned with recovering ideas of space, history and tradition? What are the new techniques in contemporary design and how do they combine with traditional manufacturing? The purpose of the conference is to discover ways in which the  fails to assimilate the cultural dialogue between the two worlds, only apparently different. The design becomes a tool for identity assertion on multiple levels.


David Sandu at the 150 years anniversary exhibition of the University of Art by David Sandu

Part of the series of events celebrating 150 years of the National University of Arts Bucharest, the exhibition "Continuity in the Arts of Fire" organized by the Department of Ceramics - Glass - Metal aims to provide an insight into the department, from the beginning of its existence until present days , exposing the works of graduates, past and present teachers and students.

Comprising about 115 works in ceramics, glass, metal and other fields of visual arts, the exhibition unites artists with an impressive record through their work in prestigious national and world-wide galleries and museums, These artists did not hesitate to expose alongside graduates and students creating a necessary dialogue of mutual understanding between the generations. The exhibition will be held at ArtYourself Gallery, Clucerului Street 88, Sector 1, Bucharest, from 4 to 11 November 2014.



David Sandu - Focus Designer at Autor 12 by David Sandu

Link to the official interview: http://www.dautor.ro/focus-designer-autor-12-david-sandu/

Link to the official interview: http://www.dautor.ro/focus-designer-autor-12-david-sandu/

David Sandu will launch his new collection Barbie of Willendorf at the 12th edition of Autor 12 - Contemporary Jewelry Fair (November 1-2 2014 at Casa Universitarilor). A jewelry and sculpture installation that will bring together two opposing images of women, claiming a collection of pure silver jewelry, crude finished without stones or other fireworks. Forms clear, minimalist, geometric, apparently rigid, in which the arc and angle as negotiating their primacy.

During the closing gala, David Sandu will also award the Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry Award to a promising designer.

David Sandu holds a conference at ROCAD 2014 by David Sandu

David Sandu was invited to hold a conference at ROCAD 2014 - International Convention of Architecture and Design, a special edition dedicated to the 150 years anniversary of Romanian Architecture University. David Sandu will hold a conference on the 8th of May, named "Design Jewelry - A comment on dimension in contemporary art", revealing design jewelry as an independent art form, strongly connected to architecture and sculpture.

Link: http://www.rocad.org.ro/p-67-david.sandu.&.scoala.de.bijuterie.contemporana.assamblage.html

Link: http://www.rocad.org.ro/p-67-david.sandu.&.scoala.de.bijuterie.contemporana.assamblage.html

Simbiotica - a sculpture and jewelry exhibition signed by David Sandu by David Sandu


Shape? Detail? Sculpture and jewelry.
An attempt to eliminate contradictions and a look towards the natural world of tolerance.
Simbiotica is a visual speech about tolerance, reciprocity and complementarity. David Sandu applies in the exhibition one of the most paradoxical ties of nature, by bringing together sculpture and jewelry, sometimes seen as two different artistic expressions. Returning temporarily to large sculpture, the artist uses it as a space for the presentation of jewelery, creating a symbiotic connection of the mediums.

David Sandu is an artist who expressed himself so far in the minimalist, geometric and non-figurative register. The designer has accustomed us with sculptural jewelry with speeches about shapes, materials and techniques that demonstrate their interdependence and complementarity in the same time. A new idea is added to them, through the direct association of sculpture and the registry of organic forms.


The Simbiotoca exhibition was organized by the "Socitetatea de Maine" Association and funded by the National Cultural Administration Fund and was opened from the 25th to the 30th of October 2013 in the atrium of the French Institute of Bucharest. Starting from the 8th of November 2013, the exhibition will be displayed at ArtXpert - Fine Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.

See the virtual tour here.

Private exhibition at Penthouse Gallery, Bucharest by David Sandu

Penthouse Gallery Bucharest hosted the private exhibition "The Artist Collection - Jewels by David Sandu" and the newest varieties of Belgian chocolate "Neuhaus".

"There couldn't be a more harmonious combination of two products that represent refinement and good taste!" said Carmen Popa, Managing Partner of Penthouse Gallery. "David Sandu is the most creative contemporary Romanian artist who expresses himself through jewelry, whose work has crossed the borders of our country, while Neuhaus chocolate represents for the chocolate sector what Rolls Royce represents for the automotive industry."

David Sandu at the first edition of Jewelry Design Fair by David Sandu

Jewelry Design Fair opens its doors this week to customers, artists and curious visitors. This event is organized bu ArtXpert Gallery in collaboration with Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry and will be open during March 30-April 1st 2012 on Armeneasca Street no. 18. 

This first edition gathered together no less than 13 designers, from in Bucharest and Cluj. Besides from the dedicated exhibition, designers will hols demonstrations and workshops which capture different stages of the jewelry making process. All this will take place in front of the public, who will have the opportunity to talk and share opinions with the designers. Designer jewelry's value clearly does not come from the used materials or from the production cost, but also from the stylistic imprint of the designer. Therefore, Jewelry Design Fair tries to make a strong statement in this regard. 

David Sandu signs the 2010 Forbes Trophies by David Sandu

Forbes Romania magazine rewarded six of the Romanian billionaires who made themselves noticed throughout 2009 and 2010 in the Forbes Romania Gala, which took place at the C.E.C Palace in Bucharest. The silver trophies, designed especially for this occasion, were signed by David Sandu.


David Sandu, named Supplier of the HM King Michael House by David Sandu


The Royal family bestows the title of Supplier of HM King Michael House upon David Sandu as a sign of recognition and appraisal of the high quality services by a person or a company. Thus, the title implies a high standard of service, constancy, reliability and professionalism from the person or company in question.

David Sandu signes five sculpture for City In Bloom project, by Avon CosmeticsDavid Sandu signes five sculpture for City In Bloom project, by Avon Cosmetics by David Sandu

Avon Cosmetics and Starcom wanted a different launching campaign for the fragrance in Bloom. They planned a campaign that not only communicates beauty, style, liveliness, but also brings these attributes into the daily life, "blooming" the city of Bucharest.

Thus, David Sandu was invited to sign five works for the project.
"Avon wanted to bring back summer in Bucharest. To lighten the mornings with a hint of gardenia bloom and garden fragrances animated  by colours and sun. City In Bloom project is a part of our biggest launch in 2009 - perfume In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon. Together with David and Carmen Secareanu Sandu we tried to bring in the media landscape another promotional product: street art works to beautify the city,  reminding of the discreet, sensual and elegant fragrance of a perfume that can make you flourish in every season " says Raluca Kisescu, Senior Commercial Manager Marketing at Avon.

The sculptures can be admired at the Arc of Triumphe, Charles de Gaulle Square, Victoria Square and the Vitan and Plaza malls. The works of David Sandu are designed to bring an invigorating touch of colour and life in the city. He uses geometrical structures of aluminum (which symbolizes the city), humanized by coloured plexiglass flowers. Aluminum surfaces are "sweetened" with flowers, this way the objects become sensitive. "The citizens of Buchartest will discover the city blooming with silhouettes, a game between geometric and organic, that will definitely be noticed," explains David Sandu.

BRENART Gallery in Brussels hosts Natural Urban Shapes, a new jewelry collection signed David Sandu by David Sandu

David Sandu regards jewelry as an aesthetic expression. Often compared with miniature sculptures, his compositions meet both materials and gems from classical jewelry, as well as unique shapes and creative solutions designed to uncover ideas and provoke reactions. A jewelery signed by David Sandu becomes a parsonality manifesto that infinitely enriches its own simple decorative function.

Appreciated by many designer jewelry lovers from Belgium and not only, David Sandu was invited to exhibit in Brussels some of his creations. Starting from March 18 until April 4 2009, BRENART Gallery in Brussels hosted David Sandu's new collection, called "Natural Urban Shapes". Starting from the question of the forms that can be born from modern urban space, marked still by its history, the exhibition offers an itinerary in the world of contemporary forms.

The jewelry in this new collection are made of silver, because silver "is the only precious metal on which time puts its seal", says the artist. The viewer will find contemnporary urban forms translated into a metal that retains history. This is the story behind the collection "Natural Urban Shapes". Visits will find details of the story in each jewel, for any collection signed by David Sandu will contain just as many objects as needed to accomplish its idea.

BRENART is a Belgian art gallery, with offices in Brussels and Los Angeles. BRENART aims to be an observer of contemporary society and to host exhibitions of reprezentative contemporary artists. Webiste: www.brenart.com

David Sandu at the second edition of EXTINS - Romanian Jewelry Designers Exhibition by David Sandu

For the second time, the creations of several young jewelry designers are brought together in an exhibition-event called Extins, unique in Romania. This year's edition will take place in one of the privileged spaces inside Carturesti and can be visited between November 18 to December 2 2008.

Given that we are used to discover jewelry only on  store shelves or simply worn by admirers of this kind of accessories, an event such as Extins is designed to extract jewelry from its commercial context and it highlight it as a contemporary art in installations made by artists. This is the concept of the event itself, which involves the transgression of the object from its commercial to the artistic depiction. The exhibition aims at familiarizing the public with contemporary jewelry and implicitly encourages artists who have channeled their creativity and resources in this direction.

Selection of 2008 covers the following artists: Mihaela Tarhuna, Carla Szabo, David Sandu, Kuki Constantinescu, Angi Apostol, Mihaela Zvîncă, Ana Claudia Crişan, Vlad Gherghiceanu, Elephant, Kristina Dragomir si Radu Fulga. Their works can be admired at Cărtureşti in the second half of November, after a curatorial script, whose author is also the developer of Extins - Dan Piersinaru.