David Sandu at the second edition of EXTINS - Romanian Jewelry Designers Exhibition / by David Sandu

For the second time, the creations of several young jewelry designers are brought together in an exhibition-event called Extins, unique in Romania. This year's edition will take place in one of the privileged spaces inside Carturesti and can be visited between November 18 to December 2 2008.

Given that we are used to discover jewelry only on  store shelves or simply worn by admirers of this kind of accessories, an event such as Extins is designed to extract jewelry from its commercial context and it highlight it as a contemporary art in installations made by artists. This is the concept of the event itself, which involves the transgression of the object from its commercial to the artistic depiction. The exhibition aims at familiarizing the public with contemporary jewelry and implicitly encourages artists who have channeled their creativity and resources in this direction.

Selection of 2008 covers the following artists: Mihaela Tarhuna, Carla Szabo, David Sandu, Kuki Constantinescu, Angi Apostol, Mihaela Zvîncă, Ana Claudia Crişan, Vlad Gherghiceanu, Elephant, Kristina Dragomir si Radu Fulga. Their works can be admired at Cărtureşti in the second half of November, after a curatorial script, whose author is also the developer of Extins - Dan Piersinaru.