BRENART Gallery in Brussels hosts Natural Urban Shapes, a new jewelry collection signed David Sandu / by David Sandu

David Sandu regards jewelry as an aesthetic expression. Often compared with miniature sculptures, his compositions meet both materials and gems from classical jewelry, as well as unique shapes and creative solutions designed to uncover ideas and provoke reactions. A jewelery signed by David Sandu becomes a parsonality manifesto that infinitely enriches its own simple decorative function.

Appreciated by many designer jewelry lovers from Belgium and not only, David Sandu was invited to exhibit in Brussels some of his creations. Starting from March 18 until April 4 2009, BRENART Gallery in Brussels hosted David Sandu's new collection, called "Natural Urban Shapes". Starting from the question of the forms that can be born from modern urban space, marked still by its history, the exhibition offers an itinerary in the world of contemporary forms.

The jewelry in this new collection are made of silver, because silver "is the only precious metal on which time puts its seal", says the artist. The viewer will find contemnporary urban forms translated into a metal that retains history. This is the story behind the collection "Natural Urban Shapes". Visits will find details of the story in each jewel, for any collection signed by David Sandu will contain just as many objects as needed to accomplish its idea.

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