David Sandu holds a conference at Design la Rece #9 / by David Sandu

DESIGN LA RECE No. 9 will have special guest David Sandu, designer and founder of Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry. Expect an interesting discussion about the use of traditional techniques in manufacturing, new methods in contemporary design and the cultural dialogue between "old" and "new". The conference "Design and manufacture techniques in contemporary design" will be held on November 5 at 7pm at  Dizainăr, as the 9th editon of the event.

What is the glue that gives coherence of speech when talking about the meeting between the new world and the roots of contemporary ideas or traditions? Why are we so concerned with recovering ideas of space, history and tradition? What are the new techniques in contemporary design and how do they combine with traditional manufacturing? The purpose of the conference is to discover ways in which the  fails to assimilate the cultural dialogue between the two worlds, only apparently different. The design becomes a tool for identity assertion on multiple levels.